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How Much Is Utilities A Month Ontario

Utilities: $300.00: Home Insurance: $50.00: Phone: $40.00: Cable: $60.00: Internet: $45.00: Total 2200sq/ft house in southern ontario - bills fluctuate greatly depending on season, but in 2015 I paid: (all costs are including all fees/taxes etc) 1300 - gas (108$/month) 2000 - Hydro (166$/month) Water/Sewer is 170-190 ever 2 months (93$/month) bonus figures: Property taxes approx 3600$ - (300/month) Insurance: 1150/year upkeep - soooo mucchhh moonneeyy Get your utility bill, or several months of bills. To use the calculator most effectively, you’ll want to know how much electricity you use and when you use it. You can find this information on the Electricity line of your bills, your utility may provide your data when you access your account online, or contact your utility for more detailed information about your electricity use.

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